We are Celesco Transducer Products service center globally, we are K Mountain Big Tree company, was found in 2021, by Celesco transducers application engineers, focus on Celesco transducer products maintenance and repair. Locates Kun Mountain where close to ShangHai city. Engineers have richful knowledge of Celesco transducers maintenance and repair, from PT1 to PT9, MT PTX serials, fix problems such as SS cable, potentiometers, mountings accessories.
Feel free to contact us via email Service@celesco-transducer.com.
10+ Years Service Experts
Experienced Maintenance Engineers
Well equiped maintenance workshop
Full scope of spare parts in warehouse
Easy to find location, accessible to most of international and national goods carriers
Service For Big Players In Contruction Machinery Industry
Very good reputation earned from international big construction machinery manufactures. We offer qucikly and qualified service to them, help to improve machines on line time.
Velocity Calibration Service For Aircraft Maintenance Companies.
Calibration service trace to NIST
Calibration time is 6 weeks.